Women's Global Call for Climate Justice

The Women's Global Call for Climate Justice isa global campaign organized collectively by a group of regionally diverse women's rights and feminist organizations, brought together by the urgent need for just action on climate change. Since its launch in July 2015, the Campaign has become a platform for hundreds of women's rights organizations and thousands of women activists and allies to demand climate justice. (Womenclimatejustice.org)

It is in the fitness of things that All India Women's Conference, a pioneer women's organisation in India, with a legacy of 89 years, became a partner in this campaign. AIWC has always stood for women empowerment,working in multiple areas like literacy, health, legal rights, legislation etc. Environment, energy efficiency and alternate energy have been topics of priority for the organisation for the past fifty years. Climate change was added to this list when AIWC was granted Observer status with UNFCCC in 2013. Members of AIWC are active in the Women and Gender Constituency.

After the launch of the Global Call, AIWC took the lead in spreading the message and getting endorsements for the Call at various programs. Later in August 2015, Women's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) funded AIWC to organise a series of programs in India to promote the Global Campaign. Six programs were organised in six state capitals prior to COP 21 in Paris. Later, 20 programs were conducted in different places across the length and breadth of India.

This report gives a short summary of the Campaign carried out by AIWC.It gives us great pleasure to record that the campaign has reached all regions in the country. Women have been made aware of various aspects of climate change, the climate negotiations, Paris Agreement, implementation of the agreement and the role that women should demand and get in the implementation and in all climate change actions.

I thank AIWC President Mrs. Veena Kohli, Secretary General Mrs. Asha Gambhir, Treasurer Mrs. Amreshwari Moria, Program Manager, Mrs. Vijaya Bhasin and all other staff members of AIWC who extended full support to me in organising these programs. I am also grateful to members and office­ bearers of all the branches who worked tirelessly and put up amazing programs at all the centres.

This is just the beginning. Members of AIWC are eager to take the movement forward and involve more and more women in climate action in all corners of the country.