Literacy and Education

  • Skill based literacy programmes for women are conducted in remote areas as well as urban slums, with a view to empower them economically.
  • Computer Training Centres run by AIWC branches offer vocational courses for capacity building among women.
  • Branches of AIWC run many supplementary schools on many subjects
  • SHRADDHA Street children project is one of the four projects of Mumbai branch AIWC started on 2nd October, 1996. The Centre is situated at Hasnabad Muncipal School, Khar (W) Mumbai. It is a day care centre for the street children aged between 5 to 16 years. The schedule of the day is fixed from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

Health, Family Welfare and Population

AIWC with its mission of working for the general progress and welfare of women

  • Organizes health camps for detection of various illnesses among women and referral for treatment.
  • Conducts awareness programmes on menstrual Hygiene
  • Provides community health services through Mobile Health Vans reaching areas where there are negligible facilities for health care.
  • Provides special care to expectant and nursing mothers, and children.
  • Educates women about health, nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and family welfare.
  • Organises sensitization programmes, (identifying alternate vocations if necessary) to safeguard health of rural working women (eg. beedi workers)
  • Actively supports the cause of leprosy patients by providing day care centres for their children.
  • Organizes Anemia camps to detect, treat and follow up action.

Socio-Economic Programmes

Capacity building and skill development programmes are conducted regularly, and successful trainees are provided financial support for entrepreneurial endeavours

  • Adoption of Villages to empower rural women
  • Vocational Training is provided to women in dairy farming, food processing, solar drying of farm products, and home based ventures with locally available raw materials.
  • Leadership/Capacity building through training programmes.
  • We Propagate the concept of self healp groups with finacial assitance to AIWC managed groups.

Violence Against Women

  • Awareness programmes are conducted all over the country to enlighten women on their legal rights and privileges.
  • Sexual Harassment at workplace – Training for members to be part of internal complaint committee of various organizations which is a mandatory practice as per the Vishakha Guidelines. Many members of AIWC are currently part of internal complaint committee in various organizations.

Gender Sensitization

  • Programmes specially designed to include adolescent boys and girls to promote gender equality are regularly held.
  • AIWC is implementing “Enhancing Life Skills Training Programme” in the branches and covers various topics such as adolescent health and related problems, social issues, peer pressure, relationship with elders, career counselling, stress management and social media responsibilities through a participatory approach.

Climate Change

  • AIWC has been working in Climate Change mitigation process since the 1980s through the propagation of alternate energy. In recent years we have engaged with UNFCCC at the global level through WGC and advocated Climate Justice. At the National level, we conduct a number of awareness programmes on the impact of climate change on women.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • AIWC is engaging with the SDG process since 2012 both at Global and National Levels.

Non conventional and Renewable Energy

  • Training and awareness programmes on energy conservation and energy efficiency are conducted.
  • Poverty alleviation through assembly/repair of solar equipment as an income generation activity.

Rural Sanitation, Water and Waste Managemment

  • Capacity building programmes on water, waste management, sanitation, vermicompost are conducted, Promotes herbal gardens and planting of trees.

Welfare Institutional Services

Disaster Management

  • Disaster preparedness programmes are conducted with the help of National Institute of Disaster Management's resource material and NDRF battalion wherever possible.

Consumer Awareness

  • Consumer Awareness Programmes are conducted for consumer rights, consumer laws, consumer protection, etc.

Communal Harmony

  • Awareness programmes are regularly conducted to promote National Integration and Harmony.

AIWC has set up 3 Trusts to propagate the various objectives of the organization in a more effective and concerted way. The three Trusts are:

  • AIWC Public Charitable Trust for Education
  • AIWC PUblic Charitable Trust for Health
  • AIWC Public Charitable Trust for Old Age Homes, Orphanages